The Power Of Joy

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The words, stories, and concepts spoke directly to my soul. It stirs a wisdom deep inside you always knew to be true. -Jennifer Lyall

OMG Nick, your book is so so good. It's one of the best I have read in this genre and I will definitely be buying a copy for all of my friends. -Jutta

Having followed and studied Abraham Hicks for over a decade I can honestly say that The Power of Joy brings something new to the world of the law of attraction. I would consider the tools and processes found in this book to be invaluable to anyone looking to become a master of their reality and live an amazing life. -Rene

I love this book. There is no useless information and is straight to the point! The subject matter is amazing because I'm asking myself the exact same questions you were answering in this book. A must read for anyone who's seeking more in life. -Calixte

Completely amazing! Your analytical mind adds a practical and no nonsense tone to your writing that completely resonates with me. It lends such practicality to the spiritual message that I KNOW it will resonate with believers and non-believers alike. Congrats! This will FLY off the shelves into every hand that needs to hear this message. -Cathy

I'm less than thirty pages in and the book already made me mumble under my breath, cry, and laugh-cry. I realized a lot about my self like, yikes. You have an incredible ability to give people space to explore for themselves as opposed to blabbing on about your ideas (which many books do). The book is beautifully simplistic and I know what I am getting my family for Christmas this December. -Caroline Lehan